Therapy Dog Work

Visits at Texas Children's Hospital

Visits at Mary Bridge Hospital

True cancer treatment is not just about givine the correct medical treatment, it also about providing a healing environment where the child and family can receive the psycho-social support they need.
It's well known that St. Bernard slobber has increadible antibiotic properties that promote healing . . . not really. However, the joy a child experiences from a canine visit can help distract them from their struggle and stay positive through their healing process. 

Our Therapy Model

A therapy pet's primary function is to brighten someone's day. The majority of our members are involved in this social side of therapy work. Therapy pets and their handlers visit nursing homes and hospitals to provide emotional support. They put a smile on someone's face, make their day a little brighter, or help them remember the comfort and love of their own pets.

​Therapy animals are privately owned and visit facilities on a regular basis. All Gabriel Institute members are volunteers. We do not raise and train dogs to be service animals. At the end of a visit, these animals go home with their owners.